clip: cart 498f prototype project

a 10-second "video" game prototype by henk boom

the game

The controls are presented in-game, but just in case you missed them:

BIG hint for crossing large gaps: if you repeatedly jump while moving in one direction without stopping, each jump goes farther than the last.


The concept was to make a game that played like a youtube video. The video lasts 10 seconds, after which it stops. However, you can rewind or fast forward the video by moving the timeline. Currently this is useful for undoing mistakes, but many other things are possible.

future directions

Other than just extending the game, it would be interesting to look into what other elements of streaming video could be taken advantage of. For example, it would be interesting to add buffering as a gameplay mechanic. Instead of having access to the whole 10 seconds of the clip, only the first 4 would buffer, and you have to collect data packets to extend it, racing to get them before you run out of time. The exit and some of the data packets would be too far away to reach in four seconds, so you'd have to plan in what order to pick them up to maximize your chances of reaching the exit.

The speed relationship between jumping and walking makes for fun movement, and it would be fun to take advantage of that with larger environments.

what happened?

The other students in CART 498f might be surprised at this project, since it's so different from the earlier concepts I showed in class. I had an ambitious plan (posted here), which I'd put a lot of thought into, and was pretty excited about. Over time, as I kept adding features, I started to feel like the game wasn't focused enough, it didn't have a SOUL of its own. I started to feel like even if I finished everything that I wanted to put in, I would end up with a piece of software which wasn't interesting, just full of features.

In order to jump-start my motivation again, I decided to go back to the beginning, and come up with a small, focused concept, maybe similar or maybe different. I eventually came up with what's above, but the limited time left I was restricted to making a prototype, not a fully developed game. Still, it's a successful prototype in that it prompted new ideas.